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Here you can adjust the look of the generated puzzle. Change some settings and the puzzle instantly gets redrawn.

Warning: The options will not apply to the online version of your XWord, unless you upgrade it to a Premium XWord. You can preview how solving your XWords online will look by pressing the preview button at the top of the page.

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About XWords

XWords enables you to create your own crossword puzzles with ease! Enter a few questions and answers and click the button labeled »Generate Puzzle«.

Using XWords to generate crossword puzzles will always be free! Because of that, I am thankful for every donation, no matter how small, to help me run the server and improve XWords. Feel free to donate an amount of your choice. You can find a button to donate via PayPal at the bottom of the page!

Frequently Asked Questions

I found a bug! Something is not working as expected!

Just send me a quick email to info@xwords-generator.de containing the details about the bug you found, so I can take a closer look. Important: To fix the problem as quickly as possible, I require an accurate error description: What are you trying to do? Exactly what goes wrong? What happens instead? Also, which browser do you use (ideally, send me the information using whatsmybrowser.org)?

Why are not all answers used in the puzzle?

While there is no hard limit on the number of answers a puzzle can contain, the number of possible positions for each word grows exponentially with the number of words already placed in the puzzle. In practice, this results in longer and longer generation time, the more words the generator tries to fit into your puzzle. The generator will try to fit as many words as it can.

If you are having trouble getting the generator to place all your answers, try making more than one puzzle, each with fewer answers.

Another common error is using an answer containing only numbers, like a year or date. When no other answer contains any numbers, where would an answer only containing numbers intersect any other word?

How can I export the generated puzzle?

After generating the puzzle from your entered answers, the puzzle and solution are displayed below the generator. Right below the solution and the puzzle, you can find two buttons to export the generated images, either as an SVG or PNG.

Why does the PNG export not work in Internet Explorer?

In some old versions of Internet Explorer, it is very hard to convert and SVG to a PNG, which would require a lot of additional code. Really, an absurd amount of code. The entire code for all other functions is smaller than what would be needed for the SVG to PNG conversion workaround for older Internet Explorer. So I decided against including a lot of code just to support old versions of Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble exporting PNGs, please use another browser or update your Internet Explorer. If you still have problems downloading PNGs in another browser, please contact me so I can fix that.

How can I print my puzzle?

The simplest way is to export the puzzle as an SVG file and then print that directly.

How can I embed my puzzle on my website?

To save the puzzle to the server so other users can solve it online, you need to sign up for an account or log in, if you already have an account. Once you are logged in, you can press the button »Publish« to generate a link for other people to solve your puzzle online.

May I use the crossword puzzle in a magazine, on my website, or somewhere else?

Absolutely! As long as you came up with the questions and answers yourself, the puzzles you create are your intellectual property. XWords is merely a tool you use. The rights to the generated puzzles belong to you. Actually, you are even allowed to remove the information about XWords from your puzzle. But of course I would be happy if you tell everyone about XWords.

Do I have to donate to use all features?

No! I am very grateful for every donation, but generating a crossword puzzles and sharing them online is completely free.

How can I save my crossword puzzle to continue working later?

To save your puzzle on the server, you need to sign up for an account or log in, if you already have an account. Once you are logged in, you can save your puzzle and load it again later using the buttons labeled »Save« and »Load«.

I don't like the layout of my puzzle. What can I do?

The generator usually randomizes the layout of your puzzle. So just click »Generate« again to get a new layout.

How can I open an .xwd file?

Up to Version 2.0.0, XWords could be exported as an XWD file to be stored offline. If you want to import an old XWD file, you can use this XWD file importer.

Is it possible to embed the puzzle without ads?

Yes, it is. After saving and publishing your puzzle, you can upgrade your it to become a Premium XWord, which includes the removal of all ads in your puzzle.

What is a Premium XWord?

You can upgrade your XWords to become Premium XWords, which removes all ads in your puzzle, and unlock some more cool stuff. You can find more information about Premium XWords here.

Can you add a specific feature?

I am always happy about feedback and feature requests. Send me an email to info@xwords-generator.de and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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