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Here you can adjust the look of your crossword puzzle! Change some settings and the riddle instantly gets redone. Just jump over to the riddle or solution tabs to see your changes!

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With XWords you can generate your very own crossword puzzles quickly and easily! Just enter some words and questions and press »Generate«.

XWords is free - and this should stay this way! This is why I would be very glad about a little donation, so I can continue to develop XWords in the future. You can donate an amount of your choosing, if you like - every little bit helps. Thank you! Just click on the donate-button down below!

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Frequently asked questions

I found an error / something does not work!

Just send me an email at info@advitum.de and I will check the problem myself. Important: To solve the problem as fast as possible, I need an accurate error description (what are you trying to do, what exactly does go wrong and what happens instead?) and some information about your browser (just use whatsmybrowser.org). If you like, you can additionally send me the generated .xwd-file (just click the save button) which causes the problem.

How can I export my crossword puzzle?

You can download the riddle and solution as an SVG file using the buttons located directly below the generated riddle and solution. SVG files can be scaled lossless, so they can easily be used for printing purposes. Additionally, SVG files can be opened by many vector tools like Illustrator or Inkscape.

How can I print my crossword puzzle?

Download the riddle or solution as an SVG file (see above) and print that file.

May I use the crossword puzzle in a magazine, on my website or somewhere else or even sell it?

Of course! You came up with all the questions and answers, XWords is merely a tool. The rights to the generated riddle are with you completely. You may even remove the reference to XWords if it bothers you. But of course I would be happy if you tell everyone about XWords.

Do I have to donate something, to use all functions?

No! I am very glad about every donations, but all functions can be used without restrictions even without a donation.

How can I save my crossword puzzle and open it again?

Since version 0.1.0 you can export the riddle as an .xwd file by clicking the save button at the top. You can save that file on your hard drive and later upload it using the open button to continue editing the riddle. Important: The .xwd file can only be opened using the website. Double clicking the file on your desktop will not work.

Is it possible to embed the riddle without the advertisement?

Yes, it is possible. Here you can unlock your riddle.

Can you add a specific function?

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback. Just send me an email at info@advitum.de.

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XWords is free and always will be! But I am grateful about every donation! A donation is optional and does not unlock any additional functions. All functions of XWords can be used without donating anything.